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Fastvideo SDK benchmarksDebayer on CUDA

Main Points

  • Converts 8-bit Raw Bayer images to 24-bit RGB
  • Can do that really fast on NVIDIA GPU, much faster than on any CPU
  • High quality image debayering
  • Immediate time measurements for each algorithm
  • Makes comparison with etalon images and calculates PSNR/MSE

CUDA DebayerWhat's unique in GPU Debayer software

  • This is, probably, the fastest debayer
  • Sofisticated algorithms with high PSNR and low artifacts
  • Simple to use, fast to work and easy to check
  • Free for personal and educational (including non-profit organization) use
  • Testing tool to check quality, timing and performance of debayer algorithms prior to developing heavy loaded services for raw image processing
  • Bayer patternCreated by company with years of CUDA experience and world-class achievements in the field

CUDA Debayer download

Fast Debayer

Size: 50.0 MB
Publisher: Fastvideo
Release Date: May 05, 2017
OS: Windows-7/8 (32/64)
License: Freeware
GPU: from Fermi to Pascal

GPU Debayer Software Features

  • All Bayer mosaic patterns for input data supported (RGGB, BGGR, GBRG, GRBG)
  • Mosaic algorithm to prepare CFA input image from any 24-bit PPM image
  • Read 8-bit input CFA image data from HDD/SSD/RAID in PGM format
  • Output format: 24 bit PPM
  • Minimum image resolution 128 x 128 pixels
  • Maximum image resolution up to 12k x 12k pixels
  • Debayer performance rate (computations only, for Full HD image resolution) on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 for the following algorithms:
    • HQLI (High Quality Linear Interpolation) - up to 18.2 Gpix/s with avr. PSNR = 36.5 dB (SSIM = 0.965) for Kodak data set
    • DFPD (Directional Filtering and a Posteriori Decision) - up to 5.25 Gpix/s with avr. PSNR = 39 dB (SSIM = 0.978) for Kodak data set
  • Debayer performance rate (including host-to-device and device-to-host transfers) on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980:
    • HQLI - up to 2400 Mpix/s
    • DFPD - up to 1800 Mpix/s
  • Software optionally can run on CPU for HQLI and DFPD algorithms
  • Quality measurements: MSE and PSNR
  • Timing and performance measurements for each algorithm
  • NVIDIA GPUs (Compute Capability >= 3.0)
  • Console application for Windows-7/8/10 (64-bit)
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