GPU Debayer

  • Converts 8/16-bit Bayer images to 24/48-bit RGB
  • Can do that really fast on NVIDIA GPU, much faster than on any CPU
  • High quality image debayering
  • Significant moire suppression
  • Immediate time measurements for each algorithm
  • Makes comparison with etalon images and calculates PSNR/MSE

What's unique in GPU Debayer software

  • This is, probably, the fastest debayer
  • Sophisticated debayer algorithms with high PSNR / SSIM and low artifacts
  • Simple to use, fast to work and easy to check
  • Testing tool to check quality, timing and performance of debayer algorithms prior to developing heavy loaded services for image processing
  • Created by company with years of CUDA experience and world-class achievements

GPU Debayer Software Features

  • All Bayer mosaic patterns for input data supported (RGGB, BGGR, GBRG, GRBG)
  • Mosaic algorithm to prepare CFA input image from any 24/48-bit PPM image
  • Read 8/16-bit input CFA image data from HDD/SSD/RAID in PGM format
  • Output format: 24/48 bit PPM
  • Minimum image resolution 128 × 128 pixels
  • Maximum image resolution up to 16,000 × 16,000 pixels and more
  • Debayer quality for the following algorithms:
    • HQLI debayer (High Quality Linear Interpolation, window 5×5) – avr. PSNR ~ 36 dB (SSIM ~ 0.965) for Kodak data set
    • DFPD debayer (Directional Filtering and a Posteriori Decision, window 11×11) – avr. PSNR ~ 39 dB (SSIM ~ 0.978) for Kodak data set
    • MG debayer (Multiple Gradients, window 23×23) – avr. PSNR ~ 40.7 dB for Kodak data set
  • Peak performance (GPU computations only, for 4K resolution, 8-bit image, no batch, no streaming) on NVIDIA Quadro P6000:
    • HQLI debayering – up to 50 GPix/s
    • DFPD debayering – up to 18 GPix/s
    • MG debayering – up to 4 GPix/s
  • Improved debayering with enhance option
  • Strong color moire artifacts suppression
  • Quality measurements: MSE and PSNR
  • Timing and performance measurements for each algorithm
  • Batch mode, pyramid images and tiling for multiple camera systems with realtime image debayering – option
  • Command-line demo application for Windows-7/8/10 and Linux/CentOS

What else is interesting in Fastvideo GPU Debayer

Fastvideo GPU Debayer is a tool to demonstrate the power of high performance parallel computations on GPU with NVIDIA CUDA technology. It's difficult to imagine how fast could be parallel implementation of GPU debayer for high quality color debayering algorithms.

  • We can offer high performance debayer library for your specific needs, particularly for high speed batch debayering
  • We can offer custom software design for combined debayer and JPEG compression on NVIDIA GPUs:
    • CUDA Debayer (DFPD algorithm) + JPEG compression (quality=90%, subsampling 4:2:0) for 2K image takes 0.59 ms
    • CUDA Debayer (DFPD algorithm) + JPEG compression (quality=90%, subsampling 4:2:0) for 4K image takes 1.37 ms
  • We have also designed fast image processing SDK on GPU for high speed and high resolution cameras. That SDk includes dark frame subtraction, flat-field correction, white balance, denoising, demosaicing, color correction, tone mapping, image filtering, rotating, cropping, resizing, sharpening, remapping, OpenGL rendering and output, jpeg/jpeg2000/bayer/h264 encoding, FFmpeg integration, etc.
  • The above debayers are constituent parts of Fast CinemaDNG Processor software for images and video processing in DNG format

Roadmap for further improvements of GPU Debayer

  • Super high quality MG debayer algorithm (average PSNR for Kodak data set is 40.7 dB) - done
  • Integration of 16-bit high quality MG debayer into Fast CinemaDNG Processor software - done
  • Debayer optimization for Maxwell and Pascal - done

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