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Remap on CUDA

Remap can fix distortions, rotations and also can correct color differences between channels at the same time. We can do remap for every channel either separately or alltogether.

Applications for Remap

  • Radial and tangential undistortion
  • Chromatic aberration removal
  • Image rotation on arbitrary angles
  • Dewarping for cylinder or spherical projections
  • Affine and Perspective transforms
  • Arbitrary projections via 2D maps

Standard Remap Procedure

  • Capture set of images with chess pattern for calibration purposes
  • Calculate set of coefficients and image center position
  • Calculate offsets from the expected positions (with predefined steps for X and Y)
  • Create two maps: one with X offsets and one with Y offsets
  • Remap can directly interpret these two offset tables and change the pixel positions accordingly
  • All new pixels will be interpolated (linear, cubic or lanczos)
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