Адаптер для шины PCI-Express

The PCI Express Cable adapter provides a an interface from a standard desktop PCIe slot to a PCI Express cable. This card conforms to PCI SIG PCI Express External Cable Specification 1.0.

The adapter is completely transparent to PCI Express. A signal repeater for the PCI Express interface provides tuning controls transmit and receive signals, allowing cables up to 7 meters in length to be reliably used.

The adapter can be used in any desktop slot supporting PCI Express 1.0 specification. The adapter has a standard end bracket for mounting in desktop or server systems.

No software is required to operate the adapter.

  • PCI Express to Cable adapter
  • PCI Express x1 PCIe 1.0a host interface
  • Transparent operation
  • Full rate operation (2.5 Gbps full duplex)
  • Supports cable lengths up to 7 meters
  • Complies with PCI SIG PCI Express External Cable Specification 1.0
  • End bracket adapts to standard PCI Express desktop slot
  • PCI Express card

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